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prettypinkdork in i_stab_at_thee

virdian closest

Got about 700 poe on Midnight today. Managed not to log into Viridian all day (yay!) which I'm quite proud of myself for. I'm getting more comfortable on Midnight. It was about a year and a half ago that I was playing Puzzle Pirates before and around December 05 I realized I was spending far too much real money maintaining my Viridian pirate and tried to move over to Midnight. What happened then was I bought my first DS and started playing Animal Crossing like it was the only game on earth and Puzzle Pirates was quickly forgotten. When I tired to move to Midnight in 2005 it just felt weird. Like not home. It had the same feel up until a few days ago.

current midnight poe: 8,704
goal: 20,000
le sigh

I have a lot of things on Viridian but I only really learned how to bring in the POE in the last month or so so it's really no big loss.

Viridian Inventory:

1.) The Deceitful Piranha
(no picture, looks just like every other unpainted sloop)

2.) My kitty kitty :)

I tried to get her to look as much like Missy as possible. It's a good match :)

3.) My Rat
note to self: add picture later :(

4.) My shack

looks a little different now, some of the stuff is in my...

5. Cabin
(no picture, there's not much there)

And then... the clothes (these are all in my closest, safe from aging)

6. The pink and white outfit

I don't actually have a picture of it normally. This is what it looked like during Halloween two years ago. This one is what I used to wear normally. I replaced it about
three times due to where and tear and eventually decided to wear something cheaper for everyday (the green outfit in the first post). I also have a pink and white captain's jacket. I wanted one for the longest time and when I finally got it I decided I didn't like how it looked. Too man-ish. Like Captain Janeway. I like girly things too much.

7. Yellow and Green

I think of this one as my most decadent. Only ever pulled it out on special occasions. It's probably my favorite. It's so pretty.

8. Maroon and white

I am most certainly getting a Midnight version as soon as possible. I think I might also have a muffin hat that went with it. But it looks fine just like this.


January 2008

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