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prettypinkdork in i_stab_at_thee

subscription, yeah

Rockabye on Midnight hit her 20,000 poe goal last night (this morning it was 21,300 for some reason). And I bought her her subscription this afternoon. Which means I had more money in my account than I thought.

Haven't been really feeling the puzzlin' today but I'm trying not to get obcessed with another thing so that's good. I also thought 'if I subscribe I'll have more of reason to make it work if I start to not feel it so much'. Anywho. I've been going around with the alts and Rockabye and getting them 'jobs' they don't have to puzzle for. Weavers, Clothes makers and the like. If I'm right that'll give them about 200 to 300 poe a day without me having to do anything and I can go in and get them some modest clothes and play occasionally.

Also have a male alt on Cobalt named Lawrencet. Feel a little weird about it but I want to try the male clothes. Some of them are really cute. He's got long hair and a goatee ♥ He has a little grey mouse and I can't decide weather to name it Mercurio or Ophelia.

I'm a little interested as to what the social thing will differ if at all. The gender split on Puzzle Pirates is 49 percent female, 51 percent male (interestingly enough this is pretty much true for gaming in general). It always amazes me that guys, well boys, will try to flirt with my female characters. They don't know if I'm a chick or not. I could be a 45 year old guy living over a laundromat somewhere. That I am a chick is beside the point. They don't know that.

That's just a very minor thing. There really aren't many gender problems on the game aside from that. The big thing is all these pre and young teen boys who, for some reason think it's fine to waste their time on Puzzle Pirates but if they get a whiff that you've got something further than a 10th grade education get all whiney bitchy and wonder what an adult is doing playing a game. Which is kinda funny too because they actually use the word 'adult'. There was this little spaz in a Hearts game the other day who asked me if I was 50 because I had fraking social skills. Yeah. I hate kids that age.


January 2008

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