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Jan. 6th, 2008


(no subject)

Got the national pokédex in Diamond yesterday. Think I'm definitely going to end up shelling out the green for the damn prima pokédex. They've made these games impossible to play without the guides. And splitting them in two was really really cheap. Didn't buy the first. Don't plan to. Unless I find it wicked cheap used somewhere.

Nothing lamer than being a 22-year-old girl huddled over a pokémon handbook in Best Buy. At least I'm good looking. Ya know, thank god for that. Apparently Diamond/Pearl saved all it's cool pokémon for post-elite four. I'm not crazy about that. There's absolutely nothing to do after the Elite Four. It's a sudden climax and then nothingness. Anywho. Got an Eevee from Bebe (restarted the game about seven times but finally got a female :3) and had promptly got myself the prettiest damn Eevee evolution ever; Leafeon. Named Anika. I should probably rename her Joy. I grin like crazy whenever I think about it. Easiest evolution ever. All you have to do is level Eevee up in Eterna Forest. At level 6 at had a Leafeon. And there are all kinds of crazy evolutions like that in Diamond/Pearl. Of course since she's part of the National Pokédex there's no chance I can transfer her to the copy of Pearl I have on order and actually have fun with her. Best part of the game has always been the first four towns. Battle Tower is taking everything fun about Pokémon and sucking the life out of it. It's 14-year-old power trip boys who ruin this game.

Apr. 26th, 2007



Hit a snag. Have four badges and all my main pokémon raised up on the line before the stop paying attention to me. Don't know how to get past -i don't know which town, I'm not starting back up the game- and yea. I need the game book.

Apr. 24th, 2007


day two, first entry

Player: Carolyn (a character I've been working on)
Time: 11:16
Badges: 2
Pokedex: 52

Have not logged into Puzzle Pirates for three days due to headaches, and tiredness, and pokémon.

Oh, pokémon.

Picked up my copy (diamond) from Target after the meeting Sunday.

I picked Chimchar as my starter. I only had to reset four times to get a female.

My Current party stands as;

Emily the Stunky, lv. 15
Starlight the Starly, lv. 18
Olive the Chimchar, lv. 22
Blue the Luxio, lv. 21
Hard Candy the Shellos, lv. 16
Buddha the Budew, lv. 22

I cannot get Buddha to love me enough to evole to save my life and the ponnet (or whatever) machine seems kinda hard on the touch screen.

Right now I'm in Hearthome City looking for the Gym Leader who's gone missing.

Apr. 14th, 2007



The new kitty. Named after Callie from Grey's Anatomy.

Naming characters in games like these after fandom things is a big no no for me but she really looks like a Callie. :)

Signed on with a crew tonight Bad Booty Pillagers. Pillaged with them quite a few times in the past. I want a friendly somewhat talkative crew. We'll see how it goes.

Apr. 13th, 2007


subscription, yeah

Rockabye on Midnight hit her 20,000 poe goal last night (this morning it was 21,300 for some reason). And I bought her her subscription this afternoon. Which means I had more money in my account than I thought.

Haven't been really feeling the puzzlin' today but I'm trying not to get obcessed with another thing so that's good. I also thought 'if I subscribe I'll have more of reason to make it work if I start to not feel it so much'. Anywho. I've been going around with the alts and Rockabye and getting them 'jobs' they don't have to puzzle for. Weavers, Clothes makers and the like. If I'm right that'll give them about 200 to 300 poe a day without me having to do anything and I can go in and get them some modest clothes and play occasionally.

Also have a male alt on Cobalt named Lawrencet. Feel a little weird about it but I want to try the male clothes. Some of them are really cute. He's got long hair and a goatee ♥ He has a little grey mouse and I can't decide weather to name it Mercurio or Ophelia.

I'm a little interested as to what the social thing will differ if at all. The gender split on Puzzle Pirates is 49 percent female, 51 percent male (interestingly enough this is pretty much true for gaming in general). It always amazes me that guys, well boys, will try to flirt with my female characters. They don't know if I'm a chick or not. I could be a 45 year old guy living over a laundromat somewhere. That I am a chick is beside the point. They don't know that.

That's just a very minor thing. There really aren't many gender problems on the game aside from that. The big thing is all these pre and young teen boys who, for some reason think it's fine to waste their time on Puzzle Pirates but if they get a whiff that you've got something further than a 10th grade education get all whiney bitchy and wonder what an adult is doing playing a game. Which is kinda funny too because they actually use the word 'adult'. There was this little spaz in a Hearts game the other day who asked me if I was 50 because I had fraking social skills. Yeah. I hate kids that age.

Apr. 10th, 2007


virdian closest

Got about 700 poe on Midnight today. Managed not to log into Viridian all day (yay!) which I'm quite proud of myself for. I'm getting more comfortable on Midnight. It was about a year and a half ago that I was playing Puzzle Pirates before and around December 05 I realized I was spending far too much real money maintaining my Viridian pirate and tried to move over to Midnight. What happened then was I bought my first DS and started playing Animal Crossing like it was the only game on earth and Puzzle Pirates was quickly forgotten. When I tired to move to Midnight in 2005 it just felt weird. Like not home. It had the same feel up until a few days ago.

current midnight poe: 8,704
goal: 20,000
le sigh

I have a lot of things on Viridian but I only really learned how to bring in the POE in the last month or so so it's really no big loss.

Viridian Inventory:

1.) The Deceitful Piranha
(no picture, looks just like every other unpainted sloop)

2.) My kitty kitty :)

I tried to get her to look as much like Missy as possible. It's a good match :)

3.) My Rat
note to self: add picture later :(

4.) My shack

looks a little different now, some of the stuff is in my...

5. Cabin
(no picture, there's not much there)

And then... the clothes (these are all in my closest, safe from aging)

6. The pink and white outfit

I don't actually have a picture of it normally. This is what it looked like during Halloween two years ago. This one is what I used to wear normally. I replaced it about
three times due to where and tear and eventually decided to wear something cheaper for everyday (the green outfit in the first post). I also have a pink and white captain's jacket. I wanted one for the longest time and when I finally got it I decided I didn't like how it looked. Too man-ish. Like Captain Janeway. I like girly things too much.

7. Yellow and Green

I think of this one as my most decadent. Only ever pulled it out on special occasions. It's probably my favorite. It's so pretty.

8. Maroon and white

I am most certainly getting a Midnight version as soon as possible. I think I might also have a muffin hat that went with it. But it looks fine just like this.

Apr. 9th, 2007


(no subject)

Only made about 400 POE today on Midnight. Started pillages twice but was called away after only one battle.

Tomorrow (Monday) is free Hearts on Midnight! Don't have to log in to Viridian (and put wear on my clothes) at all!

Apr. 8th, 2007


Trying to get started

For some reason I thought this might be a good name for an icon journal once upon a time. An-ywhoo. Out of the un-used journals I already had registered this one had the most 'game'-ish name so this is my new game journal. Cool beans. Because I love to talk about the few games I play and I know my flist doesn't give a crap, ya know? Can't blame them. And this way I won't feel bad about long boring play-by-plays :)

Have not had much luck with pillages the last few days. I want 20,000 POE on Midnight before I subscribe so's to have enough to buy a kitty and a nice set of clothes. I have three really insanely nice outfits on Viridian. But it's a dubloon ocean. And I haven't been wearing them anyway. It's only fun to wear expensive things when you have friends and a crew and I have neither so I've been sporting this cheap, but very nice, green outfit. (Plus, ya know, clothes wear out. I'm not going to waste them)

Up until a few days ago I could get 5,000 POE on a two hour pillage. But I'm not even getting 2,000 for the same time. It's more like between 1,000 - 1,500. I got on a sloop pillage tonight. Sloop pillages don't usually pay well but it was late and all that was out was sloops. On the plus side they were a very nice crew. Except for once or twice I was always one of the last two in a rumble or swordfight and once I finished two bots on my own which was stunning because I'm not that good at swordfighting. One of the other jobbers asked to be a hearty at the end. Checked his stats later and he's a fleet officer in some crew. So who knows, maybe I can get job with his crew sometime.

What I've been doing lately is playing Hearts on Viridian early in the day and trying to only pillage on Midnight. All I seem to do is lose money in the Inn but I have close to 9,000 POE so I probably won't have to go out and pillage for Hearts money anytime soon.

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