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prettypinkdork in i_stab_at_thee

Trying to get started

For some reason I thought this might be a good name for an icon journal once upon a time. An-ywhoo. Out of the un-used journals I already had registered this one had the most 'game'-ish name so this is my new game journal. Cool beans. Because I love to talk about the few games I play and I know my flist doesn't give a crap, ya know? Can't blame them. And this way I won't feel bad about long boring play-by-plays :)

Have not had much luck with pillages the last few days. I want 20,000 POE on Midnight before I subscribe so's to have enough to buy a kitty and a nice set of clothes. I have three really insanely nice outfits on Viridian. But it's a dubloon ocean. And I haven't been wearing them anyway. It's only fun to wear expensive things when you have friends and a crew and I have neither so I've been sporting this cheap, but very nice, green outfit. (Plus, ya know, clothes wear out. I'm not going to waste them)

Up until a few days ago I could get 5,000 POE on a two hour pillage. But I'm not even getting 2,000 for the same time. It's more like between 1,000 - 1,500. I got on a sloop pillage tonight. Sloop pillages don't usually pay well but it was late and all that was out was sloops. On the plus side they were a very nice crew. Except for once or twice I was always one of the last two in a rumble or swordfight and once I finished two bots on my own which was stunning because I'm not that good at swordfighting. One of the other jobbers asked to be a hearty at the end. Checked his stats later and he's a fleet officer in some crew. So who knows, maybe I can get job with his crew sometime.

What I've been doing lately is playing Hearts on Viridian early in the day and trying to only pillage on Midnight. All I seem to do is lose money in the Inn but I have close to 9,000 POE so I probably won't have to go out and pillage for Hearts money anytime soon.


January 2008

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