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Got the national pokédex in Diamond yesterday. Think I'm definitely going to end up shelling out the green for the damn prima pokédex. They've made these games impossible to play without the guides. And splitting them in two was really really cheap. Didn't buy the first. Don't plan to. Unless I find it wicked cheap used somewhere.

Nothing lamer than being a 22-year-old girl huddled over a pokémon handbook in Best Buy. At least I'm good looking. Ya know, thank god for that. Apparently Diamond/Pearl saved all it's cool pokémon for post-elite four. I'm not crazy about that. There's absolutely nothing to do after the Elite Four. It's a sudden climax and then nothingness. Anywho. Got an Eevee from Bebe (restarted the game about seven times but finally got a female :3) and had promptly got myself the prettiest damn Eevee evolution ever; Leafeon. Named Anika. I should probably rename her Joy. I grin like crazy whenever I think about it. Easiest evolution ever. All you have to do is level Eevee up in Eterna Forest. At level 6 at had a Leafeon. And there are all kinds of crazy evolutions like that in Diamond/Pearl. Of course since she's part of the National Pokédex there's no chance I can transfer her to the copy of Pearl I have on order and actually have fun with her. Best part of the game has always been the first four towns. Battle Tower is taking everything fun about Pokémon and sucking the life out of it. It's 14-year-old power trip boys who ruin this game.


January 2008

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